We are encouraging everyone taking part to try and raise £50 for Parkinson's UK. All of the money raised will support our exercise programme.

A gift of £50 could go towards helping an expert physiotherapist run tailored, online exercise classes. Exercise helps people to manage symptoms, and slow the progression of Parkinson's.

And if you do go the extra mile, you can show off your achievements with some rewards.

Hit your £50 target:

Well done! You have earned a Parkinson's UK buff!

Raise £10:

Amazing! You've earned your Time to Get Active medal!

Raise £100:

You'll receive a Parkinson's UK water bottle.

Raise £250:

You're officially a fundraising superstar and will receive a Parkinson's UK breathable t-shirt or cycling jersey.

Raise £500:

Congratulations! You have earned all of the above prizes!